Put Some Cork In It

— 06 May 2020

Way back in 2016, Michael Sodeau designed a family of cork products that have become firm favourites here at Modus. Cork’s naturally warm and tactile qualities combined with reassuringly solid, robust shapes that are endowed with character and bursting with sustainability credentials make this little family perfect for a whole host of schemes.

Our entire cork collection is FSC certified and crafted from 100% recycled cork, waste created in the production of wine bottle corks. Anti-bacterial, renewable, compostable, durable and extremely tactile, sustainably harvested cork is the material of the future. Available in a natural or toasted finish, created using steam created by burning cork dust and prunings from the cork forests, you cannot beat the eco-credentials of this material.

FSC certified, 100% recycled cork

Art, Abe and Arne, three brothers with distinct personalities, are a group of tables with different shapes and functions. Art is the slightest of the three, perfect as a little table at the end of a sofa or beside a chair. Abe is the middle-sized member of the family with a larger cut-out, perfect for a favourite magazine. Arne is the largest of the bunch, a coffee table with plenty of room for books and magazines.

’They all have their own character’

Bob is the inadvertently anthropomorphic stool that is partnered with refugee support Movement On The Ground. 5% of the sales from all Bob stools goes towards improving the lives and dignity of refugees at the heart of the European crisis. Bob is one of the most popular products with staff at Modus and his cheeky face adds a little personality to various spots around Modus HQ.

Personality is a thread running through Michael Sodeau’s work and his understanding ‘of products having emotions or evoking emotions …and how that creates a bond with you and the object’. This is certainly obvious with Bob, where finger holes, created to enable the stool to be lifted and moved around, became eyes.

Twenty years ago, when Modus first began, Michael was one of our first design contributors and his years spent as Creative Director saw him help steer company style. With more designs in our collection than anyone else, we also consider Michael part of our extended family. In his own words he has created what he describes as ‘a family within Modus’ and we can’t wait for the next arrival.