Our mission is to create the very best furniture in terms of design, quality and durability that enhances life today without compromising tomorrow

We have been manufacturing beautifully designed furniture since the year 2000, working with a crowd of established and emerging design talent to create a diverse range of award-winning pieces united by their superb quality and the strength of their design.

We manufacture all our upholstery and joinery from start to finish in our production facility in South Somerset, working with a skilled team of craftspeople who take great pride in their work. We have a showroom in Clerkenwell and a network of dealers worldwide. 

We operate an honest pricing policy, charging straightforward prices for superbly made products with complete transparency about how we arrive at our prices. We are a business-to-business company, If you are interested in any of our ranges we will put you in touch with the most appropriate dealer who will, in turn, charge you an honest price.

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The Power of Design

We work with some of the world’s most talented designers to create beautiful products that enhance people’s lives. We make quality products that are designed to last, with a focus on design and function that will withstand the test of time.


The Importance of Quality

We source the best materials and the finest craftspeople, combining digital technology with exquisite hand finishing, taking great pride in our products and the people who make them.

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The Value of Integrity

We cultivate relationships based on trust, openness, and an innate sense of fairness. We nurture long-term relationships; many of our clients, suppliers and employees have been with us since our beginning.

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The Merit of Transparent Pricing

We ask an honest price for a meticulously designed and crafted product. We pay fair prices for the materials and services we buy, as an absolute minimum we pay our staff a real living wage, as set by the Living Wage Foundation, and we take steps to ensure that no one in our supply chain has been exploited in any way. We manufacture 88% of our products in the UK with a small proportion of products and components being made in Europe. We think our products represent exceptional value for money.

We calculate our prices based on the cost of the materials and labour needed to make each product. Onto this production cost we add the packaging and average transport costs before adding our mark up.


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The Benefits of a Beautiful and Positive Working Environment

We want all the individuals in our team to shine. We embrace a progressive culture where we can celebrate our differences whilst finding common ground. 

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The Advantages of Working Together to Protect Our Planet

We have very clear objectives that align our actions with our commitment to protect ecosystems and we seek out suppliers who share these goals. We can’t make much of an impact alone but by working together we can all help create a better future for everyone.


The Potential to Leave the World A Better Place

You only get one shot at life, we want to leave behind a positive legacy of which we can be proud. For us, this means cherishing our workforce, valuing our community and honouring the wider world by giving something positive back.


Modus Production Expansion

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We have been busy expanding the place we call home – a beautiful office and factory in the South Somerset countryside. This project has been funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, whom aid UK manufacturing capability and capacity in rural areas.

In creating our new production facility, we have invested in the best technology to increase efficiency and precision: digital fabric cutting, 5 and 3 axis CNC machinery and a new, water based spray system enable us to minimise all production waste. Our newly developed in-house joinery facility offers a fresh approach to traditional craftsmanship and allows us to become more flexible and responsive to ever-changing market trends. 



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