Bob Stool

Michael Sodeau

Bob is a characterful stool made from recycled cork. Crafted from the waste produced in wine bottle cork manufacture, Bob has a softly rounded base, a concave seat and two finger holes to allow easy lifting and moving that lend Bob his enigmatic personality. 5% of the sales of every Bob stool are donated to Movement On The Ground, a charity working to improve the lives of refugees. With impressive eco credentials and a history of charitable work, Bob lends personality to any environment whether on his own or in a crowd.


    FSC™ certified cork in a natural or toasted dark finish

    Good to know

    5% of all sales are donated to Movement On The Ground, a charity working to transform refugee hotspots into safe, healing, enabling, dignified environments from within.


     (Dark cork)
    Dark cork
     (Natural cork)
    Natural cork

    Bob is available with FSC certification and is made from 100% recycled cork with a solvent free binder. At end of life cork can be mechanically recycled and made into new agglomerate or composted to improve soil structure. 

    Cork oak forests are biodiversity hot spots, as rich in life as the rain forests, making the best use of cork waste helps elevate the value of this material and encourages cork oak forest conservation. 

    Bob is avaliable with FSC certification on request. 5% of the value of all sales supports the work of Movement On The Ground.



    Michael Sodeau

    ‘The idea of products having emotions or evoking emotions … and how that creates a bond with you and the object’
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