Our furniture has been designed and crafted to last, using meticulously considered designs from some of the world’s finest designers, with a ten year warranty as standard. Even with the greatest of care, over time, pieces will become worn or damaged, so we offer spares, repairs and replacement parts, keeping products in use over multiple lifecycles.

Once a product reaches the end of its life we offer a take back system, bringing our furniture back home for refurbishment or remanufacture. This means it is always in our best interest to make disassembly as simple as possible, avoiding glue and permanent fixings so that we can keep material streams separate. Every piece that comes back to us is assessed on its own merit, it might just need reupholstering or a complete remanufacture. The aim is always to retain the value of as many parts as possible.

If you have one of our pieces in need of repair please send photos to and we will arrange a replacement part. If you have a piece in need of a bit more than repair please contact to arrange refurbishment.

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Terri Pecora’s Clara collection is a range that has been designed to enable replacement of individual parts. Constructed using a tubular frame in which four loose cushions sit, damage to one part can be replaced with a new cushion. The entire collection can be stripped down to its separate components, swapping out any parts that need replacing and, most importantly, re-using those that don’t. At end of life, every piece in the Clara collection can be disassembled within a few minutes and remanufacture is a doddle.

We like to think of our products as material banks for the future, a thoughtfully stored investment of materials to be harvested at a later date. It is this thinking that makes our collection more circular, each product’s potential for remanufacture and material reclaim is considered at the earliest stage, ensuring its ability to be reworked in the future.

A product that can be refreshed, renewed and reworked indefinitely is a product that is truly future proof. In the words of its designer, Clara is one such example; ‘a product that can last forever’.