Design & Craftsmanship

Design Integrity

We believe in the power of design to enhance spaces and enhance lives. We work with some of the world’s most accomplished designers to create beautiful, purposeful, meticulously crafted furniture that is designed to last, durable, practical pieces that retain their aesthetic relevance and functional value year upon year.

From internationally celebrated designers, to emerging talent, we work with a host of skilled individuals, forging close and lasting relationships that lead to fresh and innovative ideas, the curiosity to explore new materials and techniques and furniture that stands out for the integrity of its design.

Every piece in our collection is the result of a carefully considered brief and a close collaboration between designer and our Development team, each designer bringing to the table their own singular style and modus operandi.

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Quality & Craftsmanship

We source the best, carefully chosen raw materials and the finest craftspeople, combining digital processes with exquisite hand finishing, taking great pride in our products and the people who make them.

Beautifully constructed, our furniture is precisely engineered and built to last - a collection of skilfully crafted, enduring pieces that can be enjoyed for many years and passed on to the next generation.

More than process alone, it is in the translation of the finer points of a design that a product becomes truly crafted. It takes a masterful understanding to bring a design from concept to reality, capturing each characteristic detail along the way, as our old friend Sir Kenneth Grange said, ‘it’s all in the detail’.

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