Balance - A Chair for Everyone

— 30 April 2024

Collaborating, Thinking, Relaxing, Creating


The Balance family, designed by Jonathan Prestwich, introduces a range of chairs meticulously designed for various office activities. From individual to collaborative spaces, each chair in the collection is ergonomically crafted to ensure comfort and support for all, across various work activities.

With a cohesive design language, the Balance family offers stylish versatility including tailored removable glue free covers that can be easily replaced at each interior refit.

The tailored cover uses a clever clip system in place of glue enabling every chair to be refurbished instead of being replaced, keeping furniture from landfill and reducing embodied carbon in the replacement cycle of a building.

Balance Lite

Designed to be light in aesthetics yet robust in functionality, Balance Lite embodies inclusivity and adaptability. Available in both high and mid back profiles, Balance Lite varies from the range with its slimline arm rests, made of light weight cast aluminium. Balance Lite is a functional everyday work chair with a refined commercial profile, designed to fit within agile working environments and catering to the diverse needs of modern workplaces.

Balance High

An extension to the original Balance Chair, is a high-back version. Designed as a modern interpretation of an executive conference chair, the high back brings the same ergonomic comfort and support as the original Balance Chair.

Balance Lounge

Combining generous proportions with a sleek profile, Balance Lounge offers the perfect blend of comfort and sophistication. With features already including a swivel base and wing back for added privacy, Modus will launch their new tube and wood base for the product during CDW. Whether for casual meetings or reception settings, its thoughtful design and customisable base options ensure a seamless integration into any workspace, elevating the user experience while maintaining aesthetic appeal.


The entire collection has been designed with an easily removable fabric cover which is tailored to fit using no glues.