VWork range lands at Clerkenwell Design Week 2019

— 29 May 2019

We were delighted to present the new VWork range at our showroom during CDW.

Simon Pengelly, designer, joined us to deliver a breakfast session talking all about his design roots, transparency, simplicity, domesticity in the workplace and wellness.

Nineteen years on from its launch, the VTable’s combination of honest materials and functional design has proven timeless, leading to a comprehensive extension into the VWork workspace collection.

“Workplaces are evolving to offer a more relaxed and domestic atmosphere. They’re an extension of the home where individuals are enabled to work in the way they want.” commented Pengelly.

The collection consists of meeting tables and benches, hot desks and standing desks, all with sleek complementary accessories. The new products revisit the classic craftsmanship of Pengelly’s VTable but offer a modern twist on the original; the modular system can be adapted to suit temporary or permanent and individual or collaborative environments, giving the collection a contemporary and domestic feel for the modern workplace.