The Sustainable Stool Crafted From Cork

— 08 January 2020

Renewable, compostable, easily recycled, carbon positive, hydrophobic, sound dampening, warm and tactile, is cork the best material since sliced bread? We think so and we have been using cork since the arrival of Bob in 2016. Now available with FSC certification, Bob comes in two colours; natural or dark stained, and is produced using 100% recycled cork and a solvent free binder. Bob sits within our collection of cork stools, coffee and side tables, all designed by Modus’ first collaborator, Michael Sodeau.

Besides producing a beautiful, renewable material, cork harvesting supports the employment of over 100,000 people in southern Europe and northern Africa and helps protect rare and fragile ecosystems. Mediterranean cork oak forests are biodiversity hotspots, with extremely high levels of endemism, providing a unique habitat for endangered and vulnerable species such as the Iberian lynx and imperial eagle, as well as being vital carbon sinks, absorbing an estimated 14 million tons of carbon year after year.

The Bob stool is partnered with Movement On The Ground, a foundation that responds to the humanitarian crisis affecting the men, women and children forced from their homes by climate change, poverty and war. Movement On The Ground seeks to improve the dignity of the refugee population and works with local communities, connecting local people with refugees, setting a new blueprint for humanitarian help worldwide. 5% of the sales from all Bob stools is donated to support the work of Movement On The Ground.