The People behind the Products

— 09 April 2020

We will be introducing you to our team of skilled craftspeople, the lifeblood of our Somerset factory, as we meet the makers week by week, starting with Dan...

Hailing from Sighetu Marmetiei, a medieval city in northern Romania, once part of Transylvania, Dan works in upholstery and assembly making sure every piece is perfect. Irrepressibly cheerful, and rarely seen without a smile on his face, Dan is a man of few words and fellow Romanian, Margareta, helps make sure things don’t get lost in translation…..

Dan tells Margareta he enjoys life in Somerset because he doesn’t like the hustle and bustle of city life. He says he likes it here at the factory because it is ‘quiet’, he likes a quiet life, which is a good job since life in the South West can be pretty slow.

When asked which part of his job he enjoys most he says – ‘upholstery’, he likes the variety compared to frame making or assembly. Working on the new ranges for `Take a Seat’. He won’t pick a favourite piece, when asked which he likes best “all of them” he says. He’s itching to get back to work and away from our questions so we let him get on with it. Smiling, he goes back to the bench where he can carry on in peace.