Sustainable Choices for 2020

— 08 January 2020

2019 was such a momentous year for ecological awakening, in which activism became a norm, and all of us, with the help of Greta Thunberg and the XR, whose efforts both gained huge momentum in 2019, have started to really wake up to the urgency of the climate crisis and our momentous biodiversity loss and make choices that reflect this new understanding.

Here at Modus, we continue to make changes that help protect our threatened planet: In our efforts to decarbonise, we have transferred to 100% renewable electricity. To help the transition to a waste free economy we have begun developing a product fit for a circular economy and created an in-house remanufacturing centre. With the biodiversity crisis in mind we have expanded our collection of renewable materials to include lino table tops and FSC certified products across all our cork ranges.

Finally, we have switched to water-based lacquers to reduce VOCs and their detrimental effect on ecosystems and human health and wellbeing. These steps are just part of our long-term strategy to create beautiful, sustainable products that belong to a future in which we can all thrive.