Stay Chirpy - A Creative Project for Kids

— 22 April 2020

Whilst kids across Britain are having to cope with lockdown, home schooling or being in school without all their friends, we thought it would be nice to give the kids in our local community something practical and creative to do that starts them thinking about design, making and the natural world. So, we worked with SmithMatthias to manufacture their beautifully deigned bird box kit.

Our fab team, more used to cutting sofa frames, have cut 500 kits which will be sent to every school in South Somerset. We are asking all the kids to personalise their bird box and send us a snap, the best photo will win a signed copy of award-winning conservationist, Chris Packham’s wonderful book The Science of Animals. Keep your eyes peeled on Instagram to see the results #staychirpy

SmithMatthias’ flatpack birdbox design was inspired by the two parts of a tennis ball. Constructed from 1.5mm plywood, the two pieces curve around each other to create a beautiful birdbox.

The bird box has been designed without a perch and with a hole diameter of 28mm, ideally suited to blue tits, great tits, coal tits, marsh tits and tree sparrows and the hole diameter and absence of perch prevents these species from being antagonised by larger birds.

We wanted kids across South Somerset to get their creative juices flowing and have something positive to think about during these crazy times. Hopefully, this little project will get them reconnecting with nature too.

With thanks to our fabulous team for skilfully manufacturing these kits. To SmithMatthias for the loan of their beautiful design, to all the people at Somerset County Council who made this work and to Chris Packham for the fabulous prize.