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Size matters
March 2013

The Library sofa breaks new ground in terms of scale of moulding but still retains a delicacy of form “Although the Library sofa was a large piece of furniture, it was important that its footprint was light compared to its size,” says Michael Sodeau, the man responsible for this new addition to the Modus range. Originally intended for the lounge space cum library of a luxury house in Portugal, the sofa design has now been included in the latest collection. “It is actually quite a commercial piece, ideal for an open plan hotel lobby as its high back provides quite a bit of privacy,” he adds. It would be equally fitting for a nightclub or break out space and in a bright upholstery, could pack a colour punch in any large space.


During the development process, it was realised in full scale mouldings at a factory in Norway. “There, they skimmed the foam model with plaster,” says Sodeau, “It was the largest thing that they have ever moulded, in an incredibly complex process. This single monobloc was quite a feat of engineering.” The final piece, manufactured from cold cure polyurethane foam over a steel frame, has a separate, drop-in, cold cure seat on a ply base, while a powder coated steel plinth protrudes from the rear of the sofa. “It has quite shallow seats for a sofa, it is more like a comfortable chair.” Its high back means a couple of people can hold a confidential conversation with ease, or one person can get away from it all and read a book or get down to some concentrated work, thanks to its noise reduction properties.

“It has very simple seams, which really hug the contours of the design,” explains Sodeau. Not only does this add to the sculptural quality of the piece but it is also an economical construction too, as one gets the most yield from the fabric. Combine this with its delicate silhouette and small footprint and, as Sodeau adds finally, “visually and technically it ticks all the boxes.”

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