New details for 2020

— 04 March 2020

Pick a Stitch

Getting the perfect piece is a fine art. Now we can offer a range of carefully selected stitch patterns, to enhance and add character to our products and enable you to tailor the finer details to your personal choice. From blanket stitch to cross stitch, diamonds and zig zags, there is a stitch to suit all personalities: Eight patterns, available in eight colours, across 11 different ranges and every piece is hand crafted in our Somerset factory. Look out for the stitch pattern icon in the pricelist to see which pieces can be customised with the new patterns.

New Water-based Paint Colours

A new palette of beautiful, natural colours is now available on all our painted pieces. The colours, chosen for their soft, earthy tones, range from greys and muted blues to olive green and an organic red. In expanding our colour range, we have selected hues that belong to Nature’s palette of pigments, helping create schemes that are restful and calming and seem to bring the outside in. All paint colours come in a water-based formulation with low VOC emissions, helping protect indoor air quality and reducing the burden on Mother Earth.