Monica Förster

— 14 April 2020

Modus began working with Monica Förster way back in 2007 when fellow designer, Michael Sodeau, introduced her to founders Jon and Ed. After the launch of ‘Forest’, a screen divider constructed from soft felt petals and steel rod, in 2008, and the Drop stool in 2009, Monica developed the Dune chair in 2011 which continues to be a Modus classic to this day.

Nine years on, we asked Monica to develop a soft seating range that was sophisticated, curvaceous, comfortable and commercial and with her fantastic sculptural understanding of form, she did not disappoint. Panda’s arrival heralds a host of new seating ranges that were due to be launched in our refurbished Clerkenwell showroom as part of our spring launch event ‘Take a Seat’.

In developing any new range, we like to work really closely with designers to ensure that every detail is manifest just as it has been conceived, this means a really close collaboration between designer and Development team. Hands on, and keen to see the progress of her new creation, earlier in the year, Monica came to see Panda in development and spent the day in our new factory in the rolling hills of South Somerset. While she was here, we caught up with her for a two minute Q&A about the new range and what it is like working with Modus. Here’s what she had to say:

How do you feel growing up in the Arctic north has affected your way of seeing things?

I very much like the nature of the remote north. It is vast, not so flattering and pretty harsh sometimes. For me there is a lot of beauty in that. It´s a place for me to escape to and I just appreciate it more and more

What aspect of working with Modus brings you most joy?

You have a great team! I really enjoyed visiting the factory - beautiful place.

This has been your first visit to our expanded Somerset factory, what has your impression been and how does your immediate environment affect your performance as a designer?

I got a really good feeling from the visit :) Thanks for taking care of me so well. Good team and good collaboration!

Can you describe Panda in one sentence?

Eat, sleep and lounge.

What constitutes a good day in the life of Monica Förster?

I like my life to be interchanging and full of contrast. Simple things are sometimes the best.