Mix it up

— 19 May 2022

Workspace culture has shifted so much over the past few years and furniture we all use needs to reflect these changes if it is to support new ways of working. A hybrid work pattern demands that workspace furniture is inviting, comfortable and enables us to perform at our best. An agile work style demands a variety of spaces with settings that are defined by the functionality of their furniture. We need both small, informal meeting spaces and large collaboration spaces and we need to be able to move with ease between one setting and another, plugging in for presentations or focused work. A more collaborative style, working with multiple colleagues across departments is made all the easier with soft, welcoming shapes, tactile surfaces, and the ability to simply plug in and get on with it.


Enter the Mix family of tables, a hugely versatile selection of tables in softly rounded squares, rectangles and tapers. From a 1 m round or soft square table, to a sectional table up to 6 m long, there is a Mix table for every setting. In fact, there are 73 different shapes and sizes to choose from.


When it comes to finishes, choose from black oak, natural oak or walnut veneer, a muted palette of lino or HPL tops. Cast aluminium legs are softly tapered and add to the table’s organic profile. A variety of power options and cable tidies make the Mix table the perfect fit for today’s varied work styles.


Speak to us about choosing the perfect table or download the Mix table product fact sheet and get to know the family a little better.

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