Meet the Maker - Jerry

— 28 May 2020

Terri Pecora’s collection, Clara, was a tough one to template so that all the cushions slotted together perfectly. Luckily for our development team, we had cycling-mad Jerry to help get it just so, we caught up with the man himself last week to find out a bit more about what he likes to do in his time off (apart from cycling).

Cycling to work almost every day of the year, Jerry tots up an impressive 5,000 miles a year and saves around £800 on fuel. Not surprisingly, he was the first member of staff to qualify for our cycle to work incentive, a well-deserved Wiggle voucher.

Apart from cycling, Jerry loves walking along the beach and coastal paths of the south coast and to make sure he stays really fit, running every weekend with his partner. Once we emerge from the clutches of COVID-19 they have plans to explore a lot more of Britain and Europe in a camper van.

In some form or other, Jerry has been involved in the furniture industry all his working life, from, bedding, to foam conversion and automotive insulation, now working in our fab new Development centre and helping train the team. Christophe Pillet’s South sofa holds a special place in Jerry’s heart because it was the first product he helped develop and the relaxed aesthetic is right up his street. As well as developing Clara, Jerry also enjoyed working directly with Monica Förster on the development of her new collection, Panda.