Q&A with Mårten Claesson

— 18 September 2023

For this year’s Clerkenwell Design Trail, Modus presents a more circular approach to upholstery with the launch of Maluma, a playful new seating system from Swedish designers Claesson Koivisto Rune.

Come and see the possibilities Maluma has to offer during Clerkenwell Design Trail 4-5th October in our London showroom.

Join us on the 5th of October for 'Better by Design' - a Q&A with Mårten Claesson hosted by OnOffice, followed by drinks to celebrate the launch of our new collection.

Maluma is a joyful, sectional seating system consisting of a circular seat with rounded backrest. Each seat can be connected to its neighbour to create free form, bead like strings of seating. From a single seat, Maluma can evolve into organic waves, rings, arches and snaking lines, or more regimented, linear seating, whatever suits the space. Seats connect with +/- 15 degrees of movement around their centre point, enabling a myriad of forms to be created from barely-there curves, to configurations with a much more intimate arc. A backless seat and table top created from recycled plastic add a further element of variety to an endless array of shape making possibilities.

Skilfully designed with minimal fixings and no cross contamination of materials, Maluma is truly designed for disassembly, each seat can be separated into its component parts with zero glue and removable covers, making refurbishment at end of life a doddle and ensuring multiple lives in use.

Adaptable, resourceful and fun, Maluma brings a playful approach to furniture design but is deadly serious about minimising waste and resource use. 

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