Edge Free

— 13 September 2022

Edge Free offers a low impact seating system for a low carbon future. Containing significantly less embodied carbon than traditional polyurethane foam based upholstery, Edge Free is a foam free seating platform for the modern workspace. 

A completely versatile, modular system, Edge Free supports agile work culture by allowing you to build your perfect piece using a range of simple elements; seats, tables, ottomans and screens, to tailor Edge Free to any work environment, from quiet focus zones to large collaboration spaces.

Made using coconut fibre, waste from the food industry, layered with wool over steel springs within a timber frame, Edge Free has also been engineered to have a lower frame weight, making use of faster growing, lighter weight spruce, affording Edge Free a 33% reduction in weight, making this collection less carbon intensive in all its transportation phases.

Sharing the iconic frame of the Pearson Lloyd Edge collection, now in a wider range of colours, the Edge Free collection includes new matching tables in a range of sizes. Edge Free gives you the freedom to build simple single seats with low tables, modular back-to-back seating or private screened booths to create an agile set up that suits every style of worker.


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