Dezeen Awards Longlisted

— 18 September 2023

Balance Lounge by Jonathan Prestwich has been longlisted for the 2023 Dezeen Awards.

The Balance Lounge family consists of three chair types: a wingback, a high back and a low back, as well as a coordinating footstool – ideal for informal meetings and luxury lounge and reception spaces.

With a soft and welcoming aesthetic and weight-adjusted tilt mechanism, Balance Lounge allows you to transition smoothly from a reclined a more upright position to enable focused work. Balance Lounge has been designed for a relaxed and welcoming environment to suit a more agile workspace.

Balance Lounge is not just about looks and comfort, removable, zip off covers allow for repair and refurbishment reducing impacts at end of life and with each interior refresh. A significant amount of CO2e can be saved by replacing a cover compared to a whole chair. Next time you are looking for a comfortable lounge chair and are looking to reduce your impact, take a look at the Balance Lounge family.