Pearson RETOUCH 9

In-Conversation Pearson Lloyd on their award-winning new studio - Yorkton Workshops
July 2021

Yorkton Workshops, Pearson Lloyd’s award-winning new studio, formed the backdrop to the shoot of the refreshed Pearson Lloyd Edge collection.

Updated for 2021, the Pearson Lloyd Edge collection has travelled full circle, back to its designers’ HQ, to be photographed in Pearson Lloyd’s fabulous new studio - Yorkton Workshops.

Revised, redeveloped and refreshed, new additions to Pearson Lloyd Edge celebrate all that is great about the original collection, the starting point of the signature aluminium frame, that began life as a simple table, remains the cornerstone of the collection but now new designs, materials and finishes complete the portfolio and bring it right up to date for the shifted dynamics of the modern workspace.

Recently shot on location in Yorkton Workshops, Pearson Lloyd’s award-winning new studio, the collection sits against the backdrop of a beautiful historic building that has been lovingly restored to create a versatile, light-filled workspace.

Pearson Lloyd studio purchased the run-down Victorian block on Hackney’s Yorkton Street in 2017, a 550m2 space set over two stories and two wings, the former stables-turned-workshops, once home to furniture makers and musical instrument artisans, has a design heritage dating back over a century. The building could easily have been demolished but the studio wanted to keep the impact of the redevelopment as light as possible and pay tribute to the building’s past.

 “Having made the decision to work with the existing fabric of the building, the ambition was to express the old and new in as honest a fashion as possible.” – Tom Lloyd.

The restoration took over a year to complete, working with Cassion Castle Architects to preserve as much of the structure as possible, the studio chose to retrofit, repurpose and reclaim all they could to minimise embodied carbon and conserve resources. Steelwork, bricks and joists were repurposed and joined by materials from local reclamation yards. The result is a fabulous marriage of old and new, texturally rich, original brickwork is juxtaposed against flat plaster and smooth sheets of birch.

The restoration “has resulted in a truly versatile studio space that will allow us to bring everything under one roof, and which gives us the space and flexibility to

"conduct experiments and explore bold new ideas in workplace strategy.” - Luke Pearson.

Overall winner of the Architect’s Journal Retrofit awards 2021, the judges said of Yorkton Workshops that it was particularly notable ‘for having transformed some previously unremarkable and ramshackle commercial structures into a rather poetic and beautiful whole’.

And poetic it is, an homage to the building, the people that once inhabited it and the studio’s vision to save the soul and structure of a delipidated workshop and bring it back to life in the most tender and respectful way possible.

Now encompassing a diverse collection of spaces; studios, workshops, meeting rooms, event and exhibition space, Yorkton Workshops embraces a diversity of work scenarios that support flexibility and choice, much like the new Pearson Lloyd Edge collection, human-centric workspaces, purposeful, inspiring environments that build positive human experiences.

Yorkton Workshops Image credits - Taran Wilkhu

Pearson Lloyd Edge collection image credit - Jake Curtis 

Pearson Lloyd Yorkton Workshops 


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