In Conversation

Simon Pengelly

In Conversation Simon Pengelly
May 2019

Max Fraser caught up with Simon in his studio and discussed the origins of the VTable and how it’s evolving into the launch of VWork.

He cut his teeth designing inhouse at Conran ... 

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The dynamic duo of Kenneth Grange and Jack Smith

In Conversation The dynamic duo of Kenneth Grange and Jack Smith
January 2019

The two men are engrossed in the development details of their next design project together. As I enter the room, they look up from their conversation. These are the faces of Jack S... 

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Jonathan Prestwich

In Conversation Jonathan Prestwich
January 2019

British furniture and industrial designer Jonathan Prestwich has been part of the Modus family of designers since he opened his own design studio in 2004. Jonathan talks to Max Fra... 

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Michael Sodeau

In Conversation Michael Sodeau
March 2018

It’s a subtle doorway in London’s Shoreditch that leads me into the working world of British designer Michael Sodeau. Barely a moment passes to admire the sketches on the walls and... 

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In Conversation PearsonLloyd
February 2018

‘The interaction between people, product and place – and how a product or system can affect our behaviour – lies at the heart of our practice.’ It is this self-declared mantra that... 

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