Group 1 v11
Michael Natural 3005 3rd v2
Michael Natural 7021 Front
Michael Natural 7021 3rd v2
Michael Low Dark 7021 3rd

Richard Hutten

The Michael stool is a simple high and low stool with tubular, steel legs in a choice of textured powder coat colours. The smooth recycled cork seat is available in a natural or dark toasted finish.. Cork is warm, tactile, anti-microbial and easy to clean. Michael will work well in any setting that calls for a lightweight stool that has a playful simplicity.


Richard Hutten Portrait

Richard Hutten

Rotterdam based Richard Hutten is one of the most influential and successful Dutch designers. He is well known for his conceptual and playful designs. A true innovator, he has established himself as one of the leading international figures in his field, continuously pushing the boundaries of design.  Born in The Nether...

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