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April System Sofa
Sir Kenneth Grange and SmithMatthias

The April System is a modular sofa system that offers complete flexibility of form and function. From simple straights to sinuous, flowing curves, the April System can be linear, structured and formal or intimate and inclusive. Whether dividing up large public areas or creatively separating space, this modular system is unexpectedly feminine, with a refined sculptural elegance, slender silhouette and incredible attention to detail that elevates it above the ordinary.


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Sir Kenneth Grange and SmithMatthias

Sir Kenneth Grange is Britain’s leading product designer, his prolific career spans over 50 years and he is responsible for designing some of the most iconic and familiar products and appliances that shape our daily lives. Kodak cameras, the silhouette for the Intercity 125 train, Kenwood food mixers, Parker pens, and ...

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