Richard Chair

Michael Young

The Richard chair is a simple, mono-shell stacking chair formed from a 100% recycled pressed PET felt shell and powder coated steel tube legs. Available in two shades of grey felt with legs in a muted palette of earth colours, the Richard chair can be efficiently stacked up to 5 high. Each chair shell is made from 100% post consumer waste.


    100% recycled PET pressed felt shell


    Powder coated steel tube


    Nylon glide


     (Dark felt)
    Dark felt
     (Light felt)
    Light felt


    RAL 7021 (Black grey)
    RAL 7021
    Black grey
    RAL 5008 (Grey blue)
    RAL 5008
    Grey blue
    RAL 6003 (Olive green)
    RAL 6003
    Olive green
    RAL 3005 (Wine red)
    RAL 3005
    Wine red
    RAL 8004  (Copper Brown)
    RAL 8004
    Copper Brown
    RAL 040 70 20 (Soft Sienna )
    RAL 040 70 20
    Soft Sienna
    RAL 7044 (Silk grey)
    RAL 7044
    Silk grey
    RAL 120 70 10 (Nile Green)
    RAL 120 70 10
    Nile Green
    RAL 1002  (Sand Yellow)
    RAL 1002
    Sand Yellow
    RAL 9016 (Traffic white)
    RAL 9016
    Traffic white

    Each Richard chair has been made using over 100 recycled plastic bottles, helping prevent plastic pollution and creating value from waste, a key step towards a circular economy. At end of life, the legs and seat may be separated for recyling.



    Michael Young

    'We need to harvest the planet, if we make a bit of effort, year by year, we can claim back material and clean up the damage we have done.'
    Michael Young Portrait