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PearsonLloyd Edge Collection

As the tropes of the home and the office merge, PearsonLloyd Edge has a soft, almost domestic, sensibility that makes it perfect for major corporations or small start-ups alike and allows it to be used in any number of ways. The collection, created by one of the UK’s leading design studios, PearsonLloyd, was initially launched in 2015 as a table, based around a specially engineered (but almost invisible) cast aluminium knuckle that formed its corner joints and allowed it to either stand alone or be connected indefinitely, creating a system of workbenches or high density desking.

Two years on and the range has proven such a success that we’ve decided to expand it with a slew of new pieces including upholstered seating – from an armchair to a bench and pretty much everything in-between – various credenzas and a coffee table, all of which contain the essential simplicity and elegance of the original design. PearsonLloyd Edge’s flexibility, where elements can be combined with desk-based or spine-based systems, means the collection can be specified to create areas of seclusion for focused work, breakout zones aimed at small teams, or communal areas where ideas can be exchanged. There’s even an executive option.

Innovative, refined and infinitely adaptable, PearsonLloyd Edge is the perfect product for the way we work today.

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