Modus is committed to preventing and minimising environmental impact

Sustainable business practice is imperative for the future of our planet. Modus understands the responsibility it bears for keeping to an absolute minimum the use of water and raw materials, energy consumption and the production of emissions. Modus considers creativity and sustainability to be intrinsically linked and works to meet the needs of today without compromising the needs of future generations.


Continuous assessment and modification of practice is integral to the way we work

Every aspect of a product’s life cycle is scrutinised and continuously improved, from the design and development stage, to material selection, the supply chain, production processes, administration, distribution and use right through to end of life. A commitment to conserving resources, minimising environmental impact and producing products of the highest quality with exceptionally long life cycles is integrated into the company. Modus believes that every individual has a part to play in promoting sustainability so that profit does not come at the expense of people or planet.


We will always tread lightly so as not to compromise the future

A Modus product is designed with an exceptionally long life cycle in mind. At the end of a product's lifetime it will either be destined for a new life via Modus’ charity partner or disassembled and recycled via an in-house take back service. Every Modus product is designed for ease of disassembly so that components can be readily separated into individual materials for recycling. Modus considers recycling to be an ongoing process in which raw materials can be re-used indefinitely and does not consider down cycling part of this process. Preference is always given to recycled materials or those with a high recycled content. In this way, Modus contributes to the conservation of raw materials via closed loop cycles and diverts as much as possible from landfill.


Modus follows a detailed internal Environmental Management System (ISO 14001) and is independently audited on an annual basis. Modus is a member of FISP, the Furniture Industry Sustainability Programme. A Modus product can contribute to the sustainability goals of a project and to a good score in environmental assessments such as LEED, BREEAM or Ska rating.


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