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1400w x 934h Edge Low Sofa05

PearsonLloyd Edge

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PearsonLloyd Edge

1400w x 934h Edge Table13

PearsonLloyd Edge

1400w x 934h Edge Linear02

PearsonLloyd Edge

1400w x 934h Edge Integrated02

PearsonLloyd Edge

In Conversation:
Pearson Lloyd

‘The interaction between people, product and place – and how a product or system can affect our behaviour – lies at the heart of our practice.’ It is this self-declared mantra that sits as a core principle of PearsonLloyd’s approach and one that was applied to the development of PearsonLloyd Edge, the flexible desking system from Modus. In 2017, our investment grows as the range expands to include upholstered furniture and storage. Luke Pearson and Tom Lloyd, the duo at the helm of this London-based design studio, talk to us about pushing the new range to the edge. 

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We're excited to bring a taste of our Somerset factory to Clerkenwell Design Week, 22-24 May. Our team will transform the London showroom on Great Sutton Street into a workshop, showing the step by step craftsmanship behind the making of Belt, an exciting new launch by Swedish design partnership Claesson Koivisto Rune. Belt will...




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